CodeTools Roadmap

This document exists as a place to keep track of proposed enhancements to CodeTools and indicate where development effort could profitably be spent.

Things That Won’t Change

  • There will be a Block class:
    • that accepts code and ASTs and other Blocks for initialization.
    • that has an execute() method with similar semantics to an exec() statement
    • that has inputs, outputs and fromimport attributes, as well as some sort of conditional output attribute
  • There will be a DataContext class very similar to the current one. I don’t think that there will be much change needed in this other than changes/improvements based on changes to the traits API
  • The MultiContext, AdaptedDataContext, TraitslikeContextWrapper objects should be fairly stable.


Language Support

The biggest deficiency with blocks right now is that they don’t fully support all Python language features, such as:

  • list comprehensions
  • generator expressions

A near term goal should be that code should be able to make a round-trip through a block without changing the outcome of executing it:

exec code
exec unparse(Block(code).ast)

should (in the absence of other manipulations) do the same thing, and unparse(Block(code).ast) should produce code that is as close as practical to the original code block.


Currently whenever a Block is created it immediately parses the code to an AST. This is not a particularly fast operation, and can cause slowdowns if a large number of Blocks are created in quick succession. Deferring this AST generation using Traits properties would alleviate this somewhat, but would require a refactor of the Block object.

It may be worthwhile doing some serious profiling of the parser and compiler to see if there are places where speed can be improved.

New Functionality

There are almost certainly new pieces of functionality that may be worth adding:

  • improved branching analysis tools — what variables depend on what other variables
  • common AST manipulation routines in the spirit of codetools.blocks.rename


The main area that has room for development in the context packages is adding to the provided collections of filters and adapters.


There should be a robust and general ExecutionManager class that listens to a Context and then executes a Block in that (or a related) Context. This would essentially split this functionality out from the ExecutingContext class.

New Modules


There may be a place for a library that provides a rich and consistent interface for bytecode manipulation. Currently the only place where we do this sort of manipulation is in the context_function module, and there the bytecode substitution is fairly simple.

For example, there may be a more efficient way to provide the functionality of codetools.blocks.rename by manipulating code objects and bytecode rather than AST.